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My main role in our family‘s history team is scanning and archiving images--my part of the do-over is to revisit some technology decisions and come up with some better ways to solve some problems. My on-going project of scanning photos and identifying people has stalled, as I don't know any of the people in the photos and can’t identify anyone. The main person for identifying people in photos is my mom, but when she moved to a smaller apartment and Windows XP went out of service for security fixes, we retired her computer. There wasn't space in the new apartment for a computer, and she was having increasing difficulty using email. How do you send an email with a photo to someone who has neither computer, cell phone nor tablet? Cloud printing in the form of an Epson WF-2540 has been the answer.

Some Epson printers can be configured to use Epson Connect, a service where your printer gets a special email address. To print a photo on my mom's printer, I just send an email to the printer‘s email address and attach the photograph; the email text and attached photo print on her printer. See the article Cloud Printing on my business web site for steps on how to configure Epson Connect.

The biggest problem is that if you copy siblings on the email, and someone does a reply-all to the email at midnight, the email will immediately print on the printer and will probably wake mom up. Not a good thing.

Setting up the cloud printer has made identifying people in photos much easier, and my mom‘s refrigerator is once again getting covered with photos of great grandchildren.