Denise Levenick presenting the Dallas Genealogical Society Summer Seminar

Summer 2016 DGS Summer Seminar--Preserving Family Treasures

We went to the Summer 2016 Dallas Genealogical Society Seminar given by Denise Levenick  held on July 29-30 at the downtown Dallas Public Library.  This was not about genealogy; it was about how to deal with the "stuff" that we get from our parents.  The letters, manuscripts, bibles, wedding dresses, and other family heirlooms that are passed down in a country where we have been blessed with prosperity to create and acquire stuff and peace so that it doesn't get destroyed. Her lecture on what to keep was quite useful, as well as how to identify and record it to share information with family members or others who might want to publish something and use a bible or manuscript as a source.

This would have been useful for anyone, even people who have no interest in genealogy. The highlight was finishing up the two-day event with a "road show" of items submitted by attendees to talk about how to preserve, and potentially donate.  Items included a WW II leather bomber jacket, some 1800s vintage tin types and a WW II neptune certificate.

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