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We went to the Fal 2016 Dallas Genealogical Society seminar and North Texas Genealogical Society day given by Curt Witcher, Senior Manager for Special Collections at the Allen County Public Library held at the downtown Dallas Public Library.  Friday was a meeting of officers from about 20 North Texas genealogical societies, talking about issues and directions.  Generally, the issues that people talked about are the same issues that face all community organizations: leadership burnout, leadership succession and marketing. Curt's afternoon lectures on the national trends and directions and leadership were spot-on.

Saturday was the seminar on "Sources and Methods for Family History Research" with four interesting lectures on methodology, the German migration in the Midwest and Native American/First Nations research.  Although I don't have any First Nations ancestors that I know about, the history discussed in that lecture was really, really interesting; if you ever have a chance to hear this lecture, go to it even if you don't have any First Nation ancestors.