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Day 1– June 17–Tour of Hadrian’s Wall

For our first full day and only full day before Kristin started in on the NEHGS research tour, we had pre-booked a tour of Hadrian’s wall with Rabbi’s, one of the big bus tour companies. The tour left at about 8:00, so we checked the tram schedules and routing on Google Maps and set our alarm for about 6:30 to allow time to get there and find breakfast. Google Maps and Bing Maps are fantastic for figuring out public transportation when travelling.

The Rabbie’s Cafe is convenient, but it is mobbed in the morning when tours leave.

The tour was time and money well spent. Hadrian’s wall would be a major construction and garrison project today, and was clearly a major undertaking when it was constructed. The fact that there are really two walls–Hadrian’s and Antonine–is pretty amazing.

The railroad bridges and aquaducts around Edinburgh are spectacular
Hadrian's Wall Tour-River Tweed
Hadrian’s wall did not dissapoint.
Hadrian's Wall Tour-The Wall

We were exhausted at the end of the day and did takeout from the convenience store for dinner, since the Vietnamese place was closed.