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Day 4–June 20–Trains, Buses,and Ruins

The plan for today was to see the castle and cathedral ruins in St. Andrews, along with the coastline of the Fife. I ended up taking the train from Waverly Station to Kirkcaldy for 9.50 pounds (round trip) and then a bus (X60) from Kirkcaldy to St. Andrews for 8.60 pounds (day pass). I chose the train for the first segment because it promised (and delivered) the best views of the coast and the bridges over the Firth of Forth. I chose the bus for the second segment for the same reason. While in Kirkcaldy, I stopped at the museum, it is worth 20 minutes if you are in town but not a special trip. The bus stops in numerous small coastal towns and is quite interesting if a little long. All totaled, it took 3.5 hours to get to St. Andrews, including the museum visit in Kirkcaldy.

The view of the firth was spectacular, and interesting for the idle offshore drilling rigs.

St. Andrews is worth the trip, but the castle and cathedral ruins are, well, ruins, so it is important to understand that. The interpretative displays are in many ways the key. The town is a fun college town where all of the buildings are quite old.

While waiting for the bus back to Edinburgh or Kirkcaldy, wait at the St. Andrews University Student Union; the food is inexpensive and good, and the Wi-Fi is free with no intrusive registration. The Wi-Fi registration at the Costa Coffee shop is quite intrusive.

The ruins of the St. Andrews Cathedral are quite impressive, especially considering that they date to about 1450, with much worship occuring on the site from about 700.
St. Andrews--the Abbey
The St. Andrews Cathedral ruins are a popular subject for artists.
St. Andrews--the Castle
Today was commencement for some of the St. Andrews University colleges; there were many students walking around in academic regalia, with beaming parents in tow.
St. Andrews--Graduation Day