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Day 9–June 25–Train from Edinburgh to Glasgow

We had a leisurely breakfast and got to the train station a little after noon. The walk from the hotel to the Edinburgh Waverly train station was about 100 meters. The train to Glasgow Central took about an hour; we were running early so we had lunch at the station before catching the train to Paisley, now a suburb of Glasgow. From the station, we hopped a bus for a 10 minute ride to a stop about 50 yards from our Airbnb lodgings. The bus was £6 for the two of us. IIt would have been cheaper to take a taxi. Our hostess drove us back to town for dinner at an Italian place near the train station. We walked through the old town before dinner, and then walked home (about a mile).

Our walk of the town included the Paisley Abbey where Kristin’s great-great grandfather and mother were married. The choir section to the left collapsed in the middle ages and would not have been there when they were married. It was rebuilt during the Victorian era. On our last full day in Scotland, we would go to a service at the church and join the parishioners for coffee and some delightful conversation.

We spent most of the afternoon and evening planning the week, but that plan did not survive long.

The Paisley Abbey is an impressive building today, and would have been more so when it was originally constructed beginning in the 1400s.
Paisley--Paisley Abbey at Sunset