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Day 11–June 27–Glasgow Mitchell Library

Today had originally been planned for a trip to Buke Island, but we woke up to rain, and decided to go the the library instead, followed by Wednesday at the library in Kilmarnock and Thursday or Saturday at Buke Island. It is only about a mile from Glasgow Central to the library, but there is quite a hill in between. According to Google Maps, we could have taken a bus, but due to schedules, walking was faster.

This was another day when we appreciated good rain gear.

The Glasgow Mitchell Library has a number of free terminals for access to Scotland’s People, which can save you a lot of money over the per-document costs of browsing from the U.S. Unfortunately, they fill up fast, so you really need to reserve them in advance. This is true of most of the libraries in Scotland. Since we had not planned to use the terminals, we were unable to get one.

The various guild records at the Mitchell can be an important part of your research. Through guild and birth records, I figured out much of the history of a William Logan, though I am not sure that he is THE William Logan that I'm researching. There are a variety of other records that are not online and are with the visit.