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Reubin Fain Indian War Pension File

While visiting the National Archive in Washington for the 2019 FGS conference, we spent time at the National Archive scanning various Civil War pension and Compiled Military Service Records. When I was finished scanning all of the files that I had for my known ancestors, I still had about an hour and a half before we had to leave, so I asked for one of the community scanning project files. The archivist gave me the file for Reubin Fain, a buffalo soldier who served during the Indian Wars in the late 1800s. His pension was denied; the examiners found ample evidence that he had served in indian territory, but not that he had served in the Indian Wars. This strikes me as saying “we know you were stationed in Vietnam, but there is no evidence that you served in the Vietnam war.”

Basic Information

Full name: Reubin Fain
Given Name: Reubin
Family Name: Fain
Birth Date:
Birth Place:
Death Date:
Death Place:
Gender: Male

Images of Pages in Indian War Pension File

You can find this pension record on the National Archives catalog by searching the catalog with "citizen contributor bruce moore" reubin fain.

Citation Information

Disapproved Pension Application File for Alice Fain, Widow of Sergeant Reubin Fain, Company A, 24th U.S. Infantry Regiment; and Company B, 41st U.S. Infantry Regiment (WO-16297), Records of the Department of Veterans Affairs, 1773 - 2007, Record Group 15, Case Files of Indian Wars Pension Applications, 1892 - ca. 1926.

Images at National Archive.

Scanned Images

When you use the scanning room at the National Archive, you can keep copies of the scanned images. I have uploaded them here for convenience and plan to transcribe and abstract them at a future date. For reference purposes, the images at the National Archive are preferred.