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Surnames Kristin is researching

If I were being truly intentional, I would only list the surnames that I can currently prove I should be researching. However, my approach at this point is that I'm going to list the surnames that family knowledge and notes indicate are in my direct line. These are the ones I'm more confident of; I've omitted some that are "shaky." The places in parentheses are places I've tracked the surname in order of most recent to least recent. But in keeping with the Do-Over, there's proving to be done!

  • Agee (AR, AL, VA)
  • Anderson (VA)
  • Booker (TX, LA)
  • Bowman (IL, Scotland)
  • Cade (TX, GA, NC, VA)
  • Dumas (TX, AR, MS, NC, VA)
  • Ellett (IL, VA)
  • Gay (IL, VT, CT, MA, England)
  • Harley (TX, FL, SC)
  • Harrell (TX, GA - brick wall)
  • Harris
  • Higginbotham (GA, LA, VA)
  • Lusher 
  • Mask
  • McClendon (GA, NC)
  • Milner
  • Murphy (AR, AL, GA)
  • Perdue
  • Pope
  • Sadler
  • Snead (IL, VA)
  • Trotti (TX, SC, Italy??)
  • Waterman (IL, VT)
  • Watson (IL, England or Scotland)
  • Whatley (AR)
  • White or Whyte (Scotland, IL, TX)
  • Yarbrough (AR, NC)