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Military Service Records at the National Archive

Archives I


  • Edmund Jones Kidd, b.1793-07-14, d. 1861-05-29 Pension available on Fold3
    • Captain, second Kentucky Regiment of Infantry with General Harrison at Ft. Wayne
    • Fold3: Pvt., 5th Regiment (Lewis') Kentucky Volunteers, incl pension
  • William Wimmer, b. 1794-06-23
    • 7th Regiment (Saunders') Virginia Militia
    • Pension file number SO 22944, SC 20444, Service Capt. John Holland, Virginia Militia

Civil War

Civil War Unit Histories

  • William Carrel Moore, Company A, 40th Illinois Infantry.
  • Meredith Kidd, Company F & S, 11 Indiana Cavalry
  • Meredith Kidd, 14 Battery, Indiana Light Artillary or 14th Indiana Infantry
  • Isaac Newton McCammon, Company C, 16th Indiana inf
  • Alfred Moore, H Company, 13th Cavalry
  • William Dinwitty Harper, Company A, 110 Illinois Infantry

Civil War Pension and CMSR Records

  • William Carrel Moore
    • Sergeant, Company A, 40th Illinois Infantry.
    • 1866 Sept. 8, Class-- Invalid, Application No. 115525, Certificate No. 87096
    • 1908 Apr. 16, Class--Widow, Application No. 889417, Certificate No. 651884
  • Meredith Kidd
  • Isaiah McCammon, b. 1821-06-25, d. 1863-07-01
  • Benjamin McCammon
    • Middle initial does not match my records
    • Company H, 19th Indiana Infantry
  • James Monroe McCammon (older brother of Edward McCammon) aka James W McCammon
    • 14 Battery, Indiana Light Artillery
    • Fold3 indexes under 14 Infantry
  • William McCammon
    • Company J, 43 Indiana Infantry
  • Isaac Newton McCammon (eldest brother of Thomas Edward McCammon)
    • C 16th Indiana inf
    • Pension number 1085531
    • Certificate Number 831301
    • Pension Application Numbers 831301, 1085531, 1112899
  • William Dinwiddie Harper
    • Company A, 110 Illinois Infantry
    • Court-marshal or imprisonment records from Irving Military Prison (in Memphis) beginning January, 1865
  • Meredith Helm Kidd
    • Company F & S, 11 Indiana Cavalry
    • 14 Battery, Indiana Light Artillary or 14th Indiana Infantry
    • Pension Widow Application 898655, Cert. 656344
    • Pension Invalid Application 1141330?, Cert 969288
  • Alfred Moore
    • H Company, 13th Cavalry
      • Pension Number 1037822, Pension certificate 833297
    • D Company, 120th Infantry
    • Company B, 160th Ohio N.G. Birth year matches, but death year does not on find-a-grave
  • Post?

Post Civil War

  • Meredith Kidd, 10th Cavalry

Seminole War Records, Blackhawk War

  • William McGuire Jr.
    • Service in Seminole War - On file in Nat'l Archives, Washington, D.C. #412.William McGuyer - Banton's Co. Volunteer Mounted Gunman, West Tenn. War of 1818. Private. Company Muster-in Roll dated Cp Blount, Tenn, Jan 31, 1818. Muster-in to date Jan 31, 1818 Date of enlistment Jan 31, 1818 Period of enlistment 6 mo. Present or absent, Present. Muster-out Roll William McGuire - Private Capt. Banton`s Co. 1st Reg. Vol. Mtd. Gunmen West Tenn. War of 1818 Columbia, Tenn. June 30, 1818 Muster-out to date June 30, 1818 Present or absent Present. !Served in the Army of Texas, 18 August 1836 to 19 March 1837. He received a land grant, No. 360, of 640 acres from the Republic of Texas. He died of Yellow Fever in either New Orleans, La. or Natchez, Miss., probably the latter, as he was returning to Tennessee after inspecting his land grant in Texas. His wife died about a year later.
    • Filed under name McGuyer
    • Capt. Banton's Company, 1st Reg[iment?] Vol[unteer] Mtd. Gunmen, West Tenn. War of 1818, Jan 31-Jun 30, 1818
  • (Fold3 Nealy McGuyer) Cornelius Neely McGuyer (brother of William McGuire Jr.)
  • Not on fold3 Thomas McGuyer (brother of William McGuyer Jr.)
  • Not on fold3 John McGuyer (brother of William McGuyer Jr.)
    • Banton's Company

Revolutionary War Pension

  • William McGuyer, 1748, need to disambiguate two pension applications and prisoner of war status
    • 3d Virginia, Revoltionary War
    • Lt., 2st Artillary Reg't, Continental Army
  • John McCammon, b. 1750, d. 1788

Federal Bounty Land Records

  • William McGuire?

Naturalization Records

Archives II

WW II Unit Records

  • Wayne Elden Moore
  • Ernest Otto Moore Jr.
  • John Wilbur Post
  • Harrell Fisher Dumas


Railroad Employment Records